High Point Solutions has extensive experience serving a wide range of industries, from financial services and retail organizations, to healthcare and service providers, universities, and government agencies.

The way we work—developing close, lasting relationships with our customers—gives us a detailed understanding of each industry’s unique challenges, pressures and needs. It also allows us to deliver highly tailored, highly creative solutions and services, meeting those needs, and solving industry-specific challenges.

ind-financialFinancial services

With the financial services industry experiencing rapid, ongoing change, agility has become crucial to success. At High Point Solutions, our team of highly experienced professionals is dedicated to helping our clients adapt and grow.

Providing essential consultation, implementation and lifecycle support for our customers’ communications network, we’re able to deliver quantifiable cost savings. We can also help:

  • Improve operational efficiency with agile, reliable, and secure information infrastructure
  • Increase revenue opportunities by enhancing the customer experience
  • Mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance


Retailers currently face some of the most challenging economic conditions ever experienced. To compete in an increasingly global marketplace, many are looking for ways to both boost revenue and meet fast-growing customer expectations.

We help our retail customers manage operational costs, while enhancing and differentiating customer experience—through expert consultation and best-in-class technologies. We also help retailers:

  • Save on lifecycle and inventory management with our large international facilities
  • Improve operational efficiency at branches and HQ
  • Facilitate inter-store communications
  • Increase responsiveness to customers

ind-sportsmediaSports, media and entertainment

In a time defined by both economic downturn and technological progress, many sports and entertainment venues are seeking ways to drive revenue and attendance—and compete with ever more sophisticated home-viewing experiences.

We have over 10 years’ experience providing scalable, redundant networks for video distribution, IP telephony, high-density wireless networks and ticketing point of sale services. We help our customers enhance both fan experiences and potential revenue, delivering:

  • Single networks for video and data distribution
  • Wi-Fi platforms for fans, employees and facility operations
  • Converged voice and data networks


Scientific breakthroughs, advances in engineering, and a growing demand for improved healthcare are all transforming the pharmaceutical industry—and new technology is helping many drug manufacturers respond to that demand.

High Point Solutions has the expertise to deliver end-to-end technology solutions through our client-focused, consultative approach.  We help our customers:

  • Accelerate time to market with more efficient data management
  • Reduce costs with streamlined network management
  • Enhance productivity with new collaboration tools
  • Enable faster and better informed decisions, with real-time information


The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to enhance services and patient care, while reducing costs and inefficiency.

We work with our customers’ technical and business leaders to understand their objectives, and deliver solutions built to meet their unique and complex needs, including:

  • Collaboration tools to help scale resources and improve patient outcomes
  • Security solutions to ensure patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance
  • Wireless and network connectivity for increased productivity
  • Data center consolidation and virtualization for easier access to patient records

ind-gov_edGovernment and education

Faced with shrinking budgets, many schools, universities and government agencies are being asked to provide enhanced services while reducing operational costs—and it’s technology that’s helping them do it.

High Point Solutions partners with educators and agencies, acting as an extension of their organization. By designing, implementing and managing solutions to match their strategic goals, we help them:

  • Reduce costs, enhance efficiency and ensure continuity
  • Secure their networks and respond to threats
  • Take advantage of new ways of working, serving and teaching
  • Unify communications and increase collaboration