Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey. It’s also the birthplace of college football, having hosted the first intercollegiate game on November 6, 1869. (They beat Princeton 6-4.)

A public research university dedicated to ‘turning knowledge into solutions’, Rutgers shares many of High Point Solution’s values, and is based in the heart of our local community.

Our involvement

High Point Solutions sponsors the home of the Rutgers’ football program, the 52,454-seat High Point Solutions Stadium.

We’re honored to be associated with fine traditions of Rutgers University, and consider it a privilege to support New Jersey education and athletics.

Future aims

High Point Solutions plans to make a continuing and broadening contribution to the university, helping the student body in areas of entrepreneurship, business ethics and business leadership.


“This partnership, with an innovative corporation rooted in the State of New Jersey, provides new revenue for our athletics program in a challenging economic climate.”

Richard L. McCormick, President, Rutgers University