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HighPoint Receives AMER US East Theater Award as Cisco Capital Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2019

At the 2019 Cisco’s partner conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, HighPoint was honored with the Cisco Capital Partner of the Year award for its innovation, leadership and best practice as…


Is your CEO the Chief Culture Officer?

HighPoint will celebrate our 24th anniversary in a couple of months as we turn the page to 2020. There are many companies that achieve this kind of longevity, yet there…


Not If, But When…The Realization of a Data Breach and Your Business Assets

It seems like almost every other week another major organization is in risk management mode announcing a significant data breach that has potentially compromised their data and the privacy of…


Mobile World Conference Implications on Enterprise Mobility

The Mobile World Conference kicked off this week in Barcelona, Spain and is consider one of the largest, if not the largest, industry events based on the number of attendees.…


Fast IT – People, Process, Technology and the Four Steps

Jim Grubb, Cisco’s Chief Technology Evangelist, recently wrote an article in CIO Review that discussed the Four Steps to Fast IT. We align with this, not only because of Jim’s perspective that…


Change Agents in Our Communities and The World. Paul Allen 1953-2018

In our industry, we all seem to advertise ourselves as “Change Agents”. At HighPoint, we leverage technology to enable the digital transformation that most organizations are facing today to create…


Natural Disaster Recovery as a Service

In our industry, disaster recovery has been a technology trend since the late 70’s when critical data began to be stored on computers, which for the most part became the…

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