CyberSecurity Event – FireEye CyberSecurity Attack

Mark W. Martens, MBA, CISSP, PMP, ITIL
HighPoint Security Practice – CISO

Security Event
This week, FireEye, a leading global security services provider, experienced a breach. This breach serves as an important reminder to us all that no one is immune to this. Many security companies have been compromised over the years. These include Symantec, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, RSA, Palo Alto, and Bit9. The fact is that you can be right 5,000,000 times and wrong just once and you will get breached.

Vigilance is the watchword! You may have a full suite of security tools or may have a fledgling security practice. In any case, you must be aware, alert, and responsive.

What does it mean?
At this point, it appears that the attackers stole the tools that FireEye uses to simulate attacks and test security measures. You need to be aware of what those are and watch for any activity using these tools. This is not new but bears a greater level of urgency. At the link below you can find additional information. FireEye has made available countermeasures to defend against any attacks using these stolen tools.
– These tools are Red Team (attacker) tools ranging from publicly available tools to custom scripts.
– These are not zero-day attacks.

FireEye CyberSecurity Announcement

Make sure that you are aware of and monitoring for activities using these tools.

How can we help?
HighPoint Solutions offers a full range of security services that can help you to respond to this new event, as well as provide a robust security posture that is right-sized to your company and information. Give us a call and ask how we can help.
– Policy framework analysis
– SOC/NOC consulting services
– Data protection strategy
– Cloud security audit
– Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing
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