Fast IT – People, Process, Technology and the Four Steps

Jim Grubb, Cisco’s Chief Technology Evangelist, recently wrote an article in CIO Review that discussed the Four Steps to Fast IT. We align with this, not only because of Jim’s perspective that Software Defined Network (SDN) is a pillar but not the end game to business relevant technology, but also because of the four specific steps to Fast IT that Jim identifies. The perspective defines Fast IT as the ability to “support business goals and enable IT to respond faster to changing business needs”. But to achieve this, CIOs will need to shift their thinking, and ultimately their adoption of infrastructure technologies, to embrace a Fast IT model.


At HighPoint, what we firmly believe is that the key to making IT relevant is people, process and technology, not just technology alone.


With this basis, the four steps Jim defines to Fast IT are:

  1. Virtualize your Compute and Storage Infrastructure where Applicable
  2. Begin using Programmability
  3. Develop Increasingly Sophisticated Infrastructure Policies
  4. Implement a Cloud Strategy


This is solid, high-level perspective that helps to shape and consider how to go beyond SDN and truly make IT as fast as business. In order to adapt to the ever-changing pace and landscape, IT must embrace change and be a fanatic about response time. The same holds true for us as the IT partner for our customers. Embracing change and being fanatic about response time are two of our 33 company fundamentals that we call The HighPoint Way.


Read Jim’s article on CIO Review.