Is your CEO the Chief Culture Officer?

HighPoint will celebrate our 24th anniversary in a couple of months as we turn the page to 2020. There are many companies that achieve this kind of longevity, yet there are only a few in our technology industry. That is probably because of the nature of evolution in Information Technology and the constant change and innovation that defines the market. Yet there is one element that I believe must be constant for any successful organization and that is culture. Reflecting back on the last 24 years has made me realize that across time my most important job isn’t just CEO and President, but Chief Culture Officer.

I believe it’s the responsibility of every leader to create the desired culture of an organization that people can easily understand and take joint ownership in. Without this kind of intention, a culture ends up undefined and nebulous or constantly changing and never able to become foundational to the organization. At HighPoint, I felt we needed to make our wonderful culture something very tangible, which people can buy into on a daily basis, yet adoptable across our various geographic markets including the Southeast and the UK.  From our inception, we were very clear, focused and non-negotiable with respect to our founding Values of Honesty, Integrity and Trust.  These Values have served and will continue to serve us incredibly well.   A few years ago, we saw the need to bring this to life in how we operate and have adopted 33 behaviors, or Fundamentals as we like to call them, which has truly formalized “The HighPoint Way”.

Since founding HighPoint on those three principle Values of Honesty, Integrity, and Trust, which are still the bedrock convictions that we operate with today, we activate our core purpose of Serving Others, the right way – The HighPoint Way. We have further built upon this foundation by putting into practice these 33 specific Fundamentals starting with “Do the Right Thing Always” and ending with “Keep Things Fun”. We take steps weekly to celebrate these fundamentals and weave them deeper into the DNA of the company.  While we certainly are very human and of course, imperfect, we all have great alignment on who we are and strive every day to honor our culture every day in all that we do.  By being Values and Culture-first, our decision making becomes much simpler including everything from engaging in the ups and downs of operating a firm like ours, to finding wonderful candidates who fit the HighPoint culture and embrace this way of doing business.  This is our purpose in growth – to allow for more great folks to work for a firm that truly wants to help them be fulfilled and successful.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about HighPoint or how I may be of assistance in lessons learned around evolving and honoring culture.  Click here to view The HIGHPOINT Way and learn about our company DNA.

Like any other organization, we find ourselves constantly challenged to adapt to an ever changing landscape of customer needs and requirements. As a service focused organization this is constant. What grounds us is the other constant variable: our culture.

Your friendly neighborhood CEO & Chief Culture Officer,
Mike Mendiburu