HighPoint Brings Virtualization to Your Data Center
IT is on a journey to transform data centers from expensive necessities into true drivers of measurable business value.

HighPoint reviews a business’ objectives to create next-generation architectures that address rising data growth, increasing user demand, and rapidly changing business needs. We help our customers embrace the next wave of technology acceleration because the delivery of business applications is critical to their success. Our agile, global team helps customers at every stage of their journey by providing next-generation data centers.

We do it all, from virtualization initiatives to full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to cloud deployments. Data center virtualization is crucial in today’s market, and HighPoint ensures you get everything you need to become successful now and stay successful in the future.

What Is Virtualization?

You can think of data center virtualization as the replacement of physical hardware with virtual software that gives you the same amount of storage and computing power. Hypervisor is a software program that functions on one computer. Once running, hypervisor allows you to create virtual hardware within it. On these new virtual computers (called guest machines), you then install operating systems. This can turn one computer and operating system into multiple virtual computers and operating systems. All systems are unique and self-contained.

How Does Data Center Virtualization Benefit Your Business?

Adding virtualization to your data center helps you stay competitive in the ever-changing and competitive IT sector of your business. It cuts costs and provides the key benefits outlined below:

Reduces Heat & the Cost of Cooling

The IT industry has spent time and money developing and installing better and better cooling systems to reduce the heat in data centers and protect your hardware. With virtualization comes fewer computers and less heat. This makes it easier and cheaper to keep your hardware at optimal storage temperatures.

Easily Restore Your Hardware

When you test new software or new strategies on a virtual machine, you don’t run the risk of destroying your computer. You can simply reset or restore your virtual machine. Easy restoration has the added benefit of protecting you during a system crash or disaster recovery.

Cheaper System Upgrades

Replacing all the hardware in your data center is much more expensive than replacing virtual machines. When you need an upgrade to your system, you can upgrade it virtually rather than purchasing all new hardware. If you do need to purchase new hardware, you save money because you have fewer computers after virtualization.

Move Toward Data Center Virtualization

HighPoint helps you take your center to the next level. Virtualization gives your business the opportunity to not only sustain its current growth but also keep up with future developments. Work with HighPoint to get the most out of your business. Contact our network solutions team today.