In the US and the UK, HighPoint owns and operates best-in-class staging and logistics facilities to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our accreditations allow us to connect, configure, and ensure certification across a wide range of product sets to tailor solutions for our customers’ existing environments. HighPoint provides secure domestic and international transport services, monitors equipment, and offers inventory management solutions. These capabilities and assets drastically reduce the risk of deployment to a production site and enables a strategic approach towards a smoother transition to new technologies, while also reducing the time and cost of implementation.

HighPoint powers and controls two high-tech proof-of-concept labs from the US and UK offices allowing customers to interact locally or remotely with HighPoint engineers and design architects. We can simulate and troubleshoot a configuration challenge or participate in a product analysis. Contact us to learn about the extensive offerings and expertise we possess surrounding logistics, proof of concept, and staging.