How Do You Turn Chaos into Clarity and Control

With Secure Endpoints – Our endpoint management and security platform

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way companies operate, requiring new approaches to security and endpoint management.

Working from home is currently the new norm, meaning organisations have had to act fast in facilitating decentralised networks and cloud-based services, whilst allowing access via employees’ personal devices. However, this has also escalated the cybersecurity risk businesses are open to due to visibility gaps.

In this blog, we explore what the latest challenges are and why an endpoint management and security platform can you help remain resilient against potential disruptions.


Mind the Visibility Gaps

The significant change to employees working environment has led to an uncomfortable reality, as visibility gaps have risen sharply. Indeed, cybercriminals were among the first to react following the outbreak of the pandemic by deploying attacks such as business email compromise, ransomware and phishing scams.

As a result, this exponential growth in unprotected endpoints has led to a huge cyber security risk for many organisations. Some of the key challenges workforce environments now face is a result of increasing:

  • Endpoint vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive data proliferation
  • Employees usage of personal devices for work
  • External threats and attack vectors


How Do We Achieve Clarity Amongst All This Chaos?

It’s become apparent over the past two years that for organisations to regain visibility and control they require the ability to:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into the new, often borderless, operational environment
  • Monitor and manage endpoint usage, performance and security
  • Monitor and manage distributed workforce infrastructure and software deployments
  • Continue to manage existing centralized infrastructure
  • Enforce policy and maintain fundamental IT hygiene

It’s time to take back control

Taking control of the situation is now made possible by harnessing the power of an endpoint management and security platform. This allows you to reduce inefficiencies caused by bloated databases, overloaded connections, and heavy traffic across WAN segments.

Additionally, our architecture enables fast, scalable, and extensive visibility and control of endpoints in enterprise networks and highly distributed environments. With a Zone Server, remote endpoints can be hosted and managed securely without taxing a VPN connection.


Take Control of the New Normal

These are testing times for many businesses and their employees. What has become increasingly clear is the need for securing endpoints in helping to take uncertainty and applying a level of visibility and control. Through the secure endpoint platform, we can help resolve a number of issues your organisation may face, including:

Improving Security Posture
Fast and complete incident response integration throughout the distributed workforce network, will help safeguard data against known risks and privacy concerns

Reducing Complexity
Performing ongoing asset discovery and inventory will provide visibility and control while reducing operational complexity

Making Data-Driven Decisions
Through the generation and presentation of accurate, timely information you can derive simple, targeted answers to the environment’s most complex and demanding questions

Aligning IT Operations and Security Teams
Closing the gap between IT operations and security teams will help break their silos, align their activities and remove friction from their working relationship.


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