Addressing Cyber Security with SASE & Zero Trust Network 

Addressing CyberSecurity Threats

Cybersecurity is a very real risk that every organization faces. The digital transition over to the hybrid cloud and other forms of hybrid working has significantly extended the attack surface area. At the same time cyberattacks have become ever more sophisticated and persistent.

Organizations need to recognize that it is no longer a case of if they will be attacked, but when. They need to take action to understand their security posture and take steps to prevent, detect and address security breaches.

HighPoint can help you across every aspect of securing your organization. We can assist you in measuring your cybersecurity posture to identify areas of vulnerability. We can then assist you in putting in place the policies, practices, and technology to reduce any risks.

Our Solutions

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Cybersecurity Measurement

Cybersecurity is a major spend for organizations. But are you investing in the right areas? How do you measure the return on your investment? We provide a comprehensive cybersecurity measurement service that enables you to holistically understand your security posture and measure its effectiveness.

Through our systematic approaches, we review every aspect of your cybersecurity. This includes your people, processes and technology. We enable you to understand your exposure and the impact of risk to your specific business. We enable you to identify areas of vulnerability and to understand the return on investment in cybersecurity.

Zero trust network security

Zero Trust Network

These days, end-users might be trying to access your infrastructure from a number of different devices, all across a variety of locations. This even extends into private and public cloud environments. Therefore, it is no longer sufficient to focus on securing the perimeter – as we are operating in a perimeter-less world.

An organization should adopt a zero-trust network where you are not just securing the perimeter but securing access to every part of your network. A fundamental element of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), the zero-trust network, enables you to centrally define your security policies. You can then have these enforced across every part of your enterprise network, utilizing secure access management.

Want to Discuss Cybersecurity?

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User end points

Securing End-points

You are likely to have hundreds of things connected to your network – from end-user devices through to IOT sensors. These all present possible vulnerabilities to your cybersecurity posture. It only takes one gap to expose your organization to significant risk.

We can help you gain the visibility you require, discovering what is connected to your network, whilst continually assessing the security posture of each end-point. Through the usage of tools and automation, we are able to help you manage these end-points. We can help you to continually identify and address any areas of potential vulnerability.

Cloud security

API Security

As your applications and environment moves to the cloud, your IT infrastructure becomes increasingly open. You are now leveraging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that connects applications and services, allowing them to interact.

Whereas APIs are transforming how we distribute and virtualize our IT environment, they inherently expose you to new and unforeseen cybersecurity risks. At HighPoint we can assist you in gaining the visibility into your web-based APIs. This can help you truly understand, both the interworking and risks associated with these, and how to take the necessary steps to secure your working environment.

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