Enterprise Agility Assessment

Understanding Your Digital Maturity

Far too many digital transformation programs fail to deliver on their original goals, expectations and desired outcomes. There are many reasons for this: lack of clarity and buy-in of the strategic vision, challenges with technology adoption and agility, or the lack of capacity to drive transformation.

Based on our experience of many successful digital transformation programs, HighPoint has developed the Enterprise Agility Assessment. A simple set of questions that allows you to see where your organization currently sits on the transformation maturity matrix and guides you on where you should focus and prioritize in order to maximize the success of your digital transformation.

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The Axis of Transformational Maturity

The HighPoint Enterprise Agility Assessment is designed to help you understand where you are in terms of a cohesive transformational vision and your ability to execute against this vision. Our short questionnaire will plot your transformational maturity against four key axes.

Testing and staging

Business & IT Alignment

We drill down on your digital transformation vision, its alignment with the needs and aspirations of the business and the level of buy-in that has been established across your organization.

Inventory management

Technology adoption

This area focuses on your ability to deliver complex change programs and to successfully deploy and adopt new technologies across the business to deliver transformational value.

Digital transformation

Capacity To Drive Transformation

This looks at such areas as the ability of your current IT operations in being able to adopt the agile environment you are looking to create and could limit the desired transformational benefits.

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Technology agility

This assesses your skills and capabilities in adopting newer secure, software-defined infrastructure technologies that are required to create an agile environment and are vital in transforming the business.