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Helping You Evolve Your Data Centers

Your data center is core to your IT strategy and an integral part of your hybrid-cloud environment. As such it needs to be agile and scalable in order to quickly adapt and align to the needs of your business.

We help you to evolve your data center strategy by understanding what is possible, the benefits of moving to a software-defined data center, the tools that can provide you with full stack visibility and the power of automation to reduce management overhead while increasing flexibility.

Wherever you are on your data center journey, HighPoint can help guide you through every step of your programme from design, through deployment and operational management.

Our Solutions

Software Defined Network

Software-Defined Data Center Networking

The Software-Defined Network is key to simplifying and automating the data center in order to optimise resources and accelerate the deployment of new applications and services.

Moving to an intent-based networking framework enables you to simplify how you define policies for your data center infrastructure and for these to be dynamically applied across your network to deliver the flexibility, scalability and security you need within your core environment.

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Full Stack Observability

We help you to deploy the tools to provide full stack observability. This delivers the detailed visibility you need into your highly distributed application topologies across your data center infrastructure, including compute, network, storage and services.

With Full Stack Observability you gain the all important real-time telemetry into the performance, behaviour and health of your business critical applications and your underlying data center infrastructure.


Want to Discuss Your Data Center?

Want to discuss your data center strategy or looking for help with your data center transformation programme? We would be more than happy to connect you with one of our specialists.

Simply provide us with you details and we will be in touch.

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Compute & Storage

We help our customers to build highly scalable data centers leveraging the latest advancement in both compute and storage technologies. Our experience in this area adds significant value in terms of helping you to understand what options are available and designing your foundation infrastructure.

We can support you in adopting hyperconvergence, combining compute, storage and networking into a single solution that reduces management complexity at the same time as reducing provisioning time and increasing scalability.

Securing the data center

Securing The Data Center

We help to ensure that the business-critical applications and sensitive data residing in your data center is fully secure and protected from cyber threats. We do this by assisting you to fully assess the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your environment and put in place the appropriate policies, processes and tools to address this.

We help you gain the essential visibility across your data center infrastructure to quickly detect attacks and address these. We work with you to deploy effective segmentation that can be vital in containing attacks and we provide advance threat protection that enables real-time policy enforcement that is attached to workloads as they flow across your data center and hybrid-cloud environments.

Why Highpoint

HighPoint have been providing Technology Infrastructure Solutions for 25 Years. We are award-winning specialists in network infrastructure, mobility, collaboration, data center and security. We are a problem-solving company standing on the foundation of our honesty, integrity and trust. We are driven by our customers’ needs and not by profit margins.

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