Hardware Lifecycle Management

Responsibly Managing Hardware Lifecycle

As technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, managing the lifecycle of hardware is paramount for IT functions. This includes understanding where each component is on its lifecycle, planning and budgeting technology refresh programs and responsibly disposing of end-of-life equipment.

At HighPoint we help organizations across the full lifecycle of technology from procurement through to disposal. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and help our customers to dispose of end-of-life equipment in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Solutions

Technology Lifecycle Management

Tech lifecycle

Maintaining a catalogue of the technology you have in place can be a challenge. We help you use automated tooling to create and maintain a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This enables you to better manage hardware lifecycles.

As hardware reaches its end-of-life we enable you to address information security risks by ensuring all data is destroyed in line with the most stringent requirements.

We then support you in responsibly disposing of equipment, refurbishing the hardware to give it a new lease of life, or breaking down the components and recycling material to ensure that nothing goes to landfill.

By helping you through this process we ensure you reduce and offset your carbon footprint. We can help turn a potential cost into potential credit for the business.

Hardware Lifecycle Management Services

We can help you across every stage of hardware lifecycle management with a range of services that include:

Asset & Lifecycle Management

We can help you create and maintain an accurate CMDB that comprehensively catalogues every component and maps its lifecycle.

Data Destruction

When disposing of end-of-life hardware we can ensure that you protect business and customer sensitive data through verified data destruction.

Sustainable Disposal

We will work with our partners to ensure you can responsibly dispose of E-Waste by recycling every component and ensuring nothing goes to landfill.


Want to Discuss Hardware Lifecycle Management?

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Value of Hardware Lifecycle Management

By assisting you at every stage of your hardware lifecycle management we can not only ensure you take a responsible and sustainable approach but also generate value to your organization including:

Improved Insight And Lifecycle Planning

By having a CMDB you can better plan your technology lifecycles, eliminate unpleasant surprises and manage technology refresh cycles.

Ensure Information Security Compliance

By ensuring you responsibly destroy and validate the destruction of sensitive business and customer data that is stored on unwanted hardware.

Responsible Disposal

Contribute to Environmental Sustainability

By recycling end-of-life equipment and ensuring nothing goes to landfill, reducing environmental impact and delivering carbon credits.

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