Wireless Networking

High-Performance Wireless Networks

Wireless has become the predominant way that end-users and your guests access your network services. Your challenge is to ensure the high-performance necessary to deliver the best possible experience.

Wireless technology is advancing at a rapid pace. You therefore need to ensure that your infrastructure is leveraging the best possible technology. You need to be sure that this technology is deployed, configured and optimized in a manner that aligns to the needs of your business.

HighPoint has extensive experience of deploying wireless infrastructure in a wide range of environments. These range from offices, warehouses, retail outlets and even large sporting venues.

Our Solutions

Wireless planning

Wireless Planning & Optimization

Planning, design and optimization is critical in order to deliver a high-performance wireless network. You need to be able to understand and predict the demands on this network. You also need to have a clear picture of the nuances of each location. This planning stage helps determine where to place access points and how to assess and optimize your network performance.

At HighPoint we help you along every step of the way. Our first step is to detail the requirements of your wireless network, modelling demand scenarios and conducting extensive on-site wireless surveys. This enables us to construct a wireless solution that delivers the coverage, performance and reliability you need.

Wireless planning

Wireless for Every Environment

We recognize that every environment creates different challenges that can affect the reliability and performance of your wireless network. An office environment has potential interference and barriers created through partitioning. A warehouse has the challenge of height, narrow aisles and changing levels of stock.

We combine our expertise of planning and deploying wireless network coverage with some unique and innovative technologies, delivering high-performance Wi-Fi in the most challenging environments. This includes the use of shielded access points, outdoor access points, as well as wide-coverage access points.

Wireless warehouse


Deploying effective Wi-FI in a warehouse environment can be challenging. High ceilings, dense racking and many wireless devices competing for air-time all contribute to sub-optimal performance that can be detrimental to productivity.

HighPoint have innovated a unique solution to address these issues and, in particular, the side-lobe interference common in warehouses. Our FocusMounts provide you with far greater flexibility to where you can place access points. They also significantly reduce interference and increase bandwidth utilization.

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Guest wifi

Guest Wi-Fi

With the advance in Wi-Fi technology, your visitors and customers now expect that you will provide them with a Guest Wi-Fi service. Not only do you want to provide them with the best possible experience but you also want to utilize this to know them better.

We are helping our customers securely provide Guest Wi-Fi services which are segmented on their wireless infrastructure. We can also enable you to utilize branded portals to engage with your customers while on your network. This allows you to unlock a wealth of intelligence regarding their movements and their preferences while they’re still in your facility.

Wifi devices

Secure Wireless

It is important that you make your wireless network secure by design. This allows you to ensure that your corporate network is segmented from guest access. You can make sure that you have control of who and what connects to your infrastructure.

By combining our network and security expertise we can ensure you utilize intent-based access management across your wireless environment. This caters for known devices and unknown devices and indeed BYOD. This ensures the best possible user experience while making sure that each request is scrutinized in-line with your security policies.

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