Enterprise Networking

The Software-Defined Network

The network has become a core foundation of the agile enterprise – connecting end-users to your digital services.

To support this, organizations need a network that can dynamically adapt to business needs. One that is also able to create greater agility through automation and the centralized provision of services.

We are helping our customers embrace the software-defined era by helping deploy intent-based networks. These networks can deliver the flexibility, scalability and the visibility required for their business.

Our Solutions

Internet based network

Intent-Based Network

In a digital business IT requirements can evolve rapidly. Traditional network implementations cannot keep pace with these changes. In order to effectively support the agile enterprise the network must be redefined.

Proprietary, hardware-centric deployments must be replaced with open, programmable software-defined solutions. These should be supported by strong automation capabilities. This enables you to create a network, governed by centrally defined policies that are based on business intent.

Software Defined Access

Software-Defined Access

Software-Defined Access from HighPoint enables you to continually optimize your network, to securely deliver against the needs of the business. It allows you to abstract business intent and translate this into a policy that verifies integrity, whilst defining segmentation and consistently applying security measures.

Centralized, policy-based management automates the provision, orchestration, configuration and management of your core-to-edge network and beyond into the cloud. This can deliver far greater agility.


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Software Defined Network

Software-Defined WAN

SD-WAN enables digital and cloud transformation by providing flexibility and choice on how users access the applications, workloads and the data you need without compromising security. It allows you to define the ‘intent’ for WAN use. You can then automatically apply these policies to each location and dynamically manage traffic-flow. This allows you to deliver the best possible user experience.

An SD-WAN solution from HighPoint delivers visibility, control and automated management for your extended network. You can connect geographically-dispersed end-users to the applications and data they need.

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