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Addressing the API Security Risk

According to Gartner, APIs account for 90% of the attack surface for web-based applications and have become the most frequent attack vector.

As organizations embrace digitalization and utilize more web-based applications, a plethora of APIs connecting to these web services have also been introduced. This exponential explosion of APIs is what has significantly increased the attack surface and created a new, and very real risk to organizations.

HighPoint is helping organizations address the API risks beyond traditional API Gateways and WAFS by providing a comprehensive secure API platform.

Our Solutions

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Leveraging THE Secure API Platform

Do you know every API being utilized across your web-based applications? And, more importantly, do you truly understand the vulnerabilities that exist within these APIs and the associated risk to your business?

By adopting the Secure API Platform you gain full visibility and a comprehensive catalogue of all the APIs across your environment. You are then able to test each of these APIs to identify vulnerabilities and any potential risks before they emerge.

Our Secure API Platform delivers far more than traditional API Gateways and WAFs. It provides a comprehensive way to manage the security posture of your APIs. It allows you to identify misconfiguration and leverage real-time AI and ML to identify, block and remediate threats.

Key Components of a Secure API Platform

HighPoint can assist you with putting in place a comprehensive solution to reduce the risk from web-based API that includes:

API Security Testing

Providing automated and dynamic testing of every web-based API you are utilizing. Continuously identifying potential threats as they emerge.

API Security Posture Management

Creating and maintaining an inventory of every API, along with its security posture, including legacy applications and shadow-IT, identifying any risks through misconfiguration.

API Runtime Security

Leveraging AI and ML to deliver comprehensive runtime threat detection. Also utilizing automation to isolate and remediate the identified risks.



At HighPoint we are helping organizations address one of the fastest growing security risks. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific concerns and explore how we can help you.

Simply provide us with a few details and we will connect you to one of our specialists.

The Benefits of a Secure API Platform

We can help you to put in place a robust and comprehensive solution to address the growing threat area presented by APIs, delivering immediate and significant value.

Greater Visibility into APIs

Through our Secure API Platform you gain unprecedented visibility into the APIs being used across your web-based applications. You can also use our platform to automate the testing of their security posture.

Simplifying API Configuration

Using our single pane of glass across your hybrid infrastructure helps you improve team delivery, standardize application deployment and automate many of the processes involved in managing your hybrid cloud environment.

Understanding Your Risk

Reducing Business Risk

Reduced business risk is achieved by addressing a significant attack surface and putting in place comprehensive protection to identify, isolate and remediate attacks, while reducing the ongoing risks to your business.

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