Smart & Safe Campus

Creating a Smart & Safe Environment

Today our work environments, whether they are campuses or dispersed offices, need to be smart, safe and collaborative. IoT has transformed what is possible in terms of smart office environments, wireless has enabled greater mobility and flexibility and collaboration solutions are connecting the workforce.

At HighPoint we are helping customers to create smart and safe environments, enabling them to create networks that connect everything, adopt a zero-trust approach to securing infrastructure and leveraging cognitive technology to deliver performance and the best possible experience.

Our Solutions

Creating The Smart & Safe Campus

End user experience

The smart campus leverages IoT devices to control lighting, heating and cooling. It provides intelligence on occupancy and space utilization, and it controls building access. Immersive collaboration solutions are transforming meeting rooms and wireless enables far greater flexibility in how we work.

The challenge is how we connect all these devices and things over the campus network. To be able to respond to ever changing demands and deliver the performance and latency that is required, while also securing a far greater attack surface.

We are helping organizations to put in place a digital network architecture that utilizes cognitive management technologies to create the smart network that can support and secure the smart campus.

Core Elements of the Smart & Safe Campus

HighPoint are helping organizations to create the smart and safe campus through a range of infrastructure technologies and network management solutions including:

Robust Compliance & Security

Wired & Wireless Network

We help you to design and deploy your campus wired and wireless network, leveraging the latest technologies to simplify management, optimize performance and to digitally connect everybody and everything.

Cognitive Network Management

We enable you to streamline network management and operations through insight, analytics and automation. Cognitive technologies that understand intent, business need and can adapt and optimize your network to deliver what is required.

Zero-Trust Network

We help you to secure your network and your core-to-edge infrastructure by creating a zero-trust environment where centrally defined policies are consistently executed across every part of your network ensuring secure access.

Internet of Things

We assist you in embracing IoT to create your smart campus and smart workplaces, connecting sensors and control devices securely to your network and delivering the performance to enable them to deliver value.


Want to Talk Smart & Safe Campus?

We are helping organizations to create smart, secure and collaborative workspaces. We would be more than happy to walk you through our approach and what is possible. Simply provide us with your details and we will have one of our specialists contact you.

The Benefits of Smart & Safe Campus

By deploying a campus-wide digital network architecture you can create a smart and safe campus that delivers value across every part of your operation, including:

Reduced Operating Costs

By leveraging IoT to deliver smart controls over your heating, cooling and lighting to significantly reduce cost and environmental impact. By understanding occupancy, you can make your facilities far more cost effective.

Streamlined Infrastructure Management

By providing your IT operations teams with the insight to truly understand the demands being placed on your network and through cognitive technologies automate tasks to streamline management.

Evaluating People & Process Risk

Increased Workforce Productivity

By providing a smart and safe environment that is conducive to how they want to work and through digital enablement and collaboration to increases workforce productivity.

Why Highpoint

We have been providing Technology Infrastructure Solutions for 25 Years. We are award-winning specialists in network infrastructure, mobility, collaboration, data centers and security. We are a problem-solving company standing on the foundation of our honesty, integrity, and trust. We are driven by customer needs and not profit margins.

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