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Maximizing Enterprise Agreements

Many technology vendors have moved to offer organizations enterprise-wide agreements. However, what aims to simplify can often introduce a greater level of complexity.

Our partnership and experience with the leading technology vendors enables us to understand all the nuances of Enterprise Agreements. We can, therefore, simplify these for you and help you fully maximize the benefits.

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Licence utilization

License Utilization

As an organization transitions to Enterprise Agreements, one of the key challenges is to fully understand what software and applications are being utilized across their organization before aligning this to the type of agreement they enter into.

We can assist by running our tools across your environment to identify all hardware and software components whilst identifying those elements that are inside and outside the Enterprise Agreement. This allows you to identify where unused licenses can be redeployed and also ensure that any agreement is optimized for your requirements.

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Managing Agreement Terms

It is likely that you have in place numerous Enterprise Agreements spanning multiple vendors and even across the same vendor. However, understanding the term of each of these as well as the actual recurring costs can be a real challenge.

By managing your enterprise agreements we catalogue all licenses that are in place and map their term. We help you to move to co-terminus agreements where beneficial, and simplify the license model you have across your complete estate.

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