Secure End Point

Securing Network Endpoints

Every day more devices are being connected to your network. Keeping an accurate inventory of what is connected is a challenge. Alongside this, ensuring that every endpoint is secure and that any vulnerabilities are identified and addressed can also be difficult.

HighPoint can help you put in place the tools that can transform how you identify, manage and secure your endpoints across your network, reducing operational burden while reducing risks and endpoint vulnerabilities.

Our Solutions

Endpoint Risk & Compliance Management

End user security

Leveraging the industry-leading endpoint security tools we enable you to quickly identify every endpoint on your network and assess the compliance and security risk of these devices.

Through understanding the impact of a risk correlating to each device, vulnerabilities can be prioritized along with what steps need to be taken. These steps can then be grouped and automated to quickly address potential risks.

This approach not only reduces the security risks associated with endpoints but can also ensure compliance across your estate, including the monitoring of sensitive data and how this is being used and held across your organization.

Core Elements of Endpoint Security

HighPoint can help you put in place a comprehensive solution to discover, manage and secure your endpoints that include:

End Point Discovery

The ability to discover and categorize every endpoint connected to your network within minutes.

Risk Management

Providing you with comprehensive visibility into every endpoint. Identifying potential risks or non-compliance of that endpoint.

Reduce & Manage Risk

Proactive Threat Detection

Proactively hunting for threats across your endpoints, identifying and isolating issues to ensure they do not spread to your network.

Client Management

The ability to centralize and automate the management of endpoints, controlling which software is installed, removed and patched.

Sensitive Data Monitoring

Continuously monitoring root level OS and registry files. Identifying changes to sensitive data fields in order to take action.


Want to Take An Endpoint Risk Assessment?

The best way to understand the vulnerabilities that exist across your endpoint estate, is to take a HighPoint Endpoint Risk Assessment.

We can quickly identify any unknown devices connected to your network and provide you with a detailed assessment of the vulnerabilities and risks that exist on your network.

To request an assessment simply provide us with your details and our team will be in touch.

The Benefits of Secure End point

We can quickly help you to deploy the market-leading endpoint security solution that delivers immediate benefits across your organization, including:

Visibility Into Connected Endpoints

Within minutes you can gain a full and comprehensive inventory of devices that are connected to your network along with an assessment of the risks and impact they pose.

Streamline Endpoint Management

By centralizing and automating the process of managing endpoints on your network, controlling software loads, configuration and patching.

Ensuring Sensitive Data Compliance

We can ensure compliance by understanding how endpoints are being used, securing these endpoints and monitoring and controlling sensitive data.

Why Highpoint

We have been providing Technology Infrastructure Solutions for 25 Years. We are award-winning specialists in network infrastructure, mobility, collaboration, data centers and security. We are a problem-solving company standing on the foundation of our honesty, integrity, and trust. We are driven by customer needs and not profit margins.

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