Creating Business & Digital Agility


The way your customers interact with your business has dramatically changed. They seldom talk to your people but increasingly want to interact with your systems digitally.

We don’t have to look too far to see this. From retail to banking, transport to healthcare, energy to public services, every industry and sector is seeing a radical shift in the way that customers and partners want to interact.

As with all disruptive trends, this presents both opportunities and challenges to organizations attempting to navigate this shift and at HighPoint we believe that key to this transformation is creating business and digital agility.

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The Digital Transformation Opportunity

Customer experience still rules in the digital age. Exceptional customer experiences still drive brand loyalty, however these experiences must now be delivered through the digital interface where expectations are high and patience is fleeting.

Organizations that are benefitting most are those that have embraced this shift and are successfully creating the agility required to consistently deliver a rich and differentiated customer experience through technology. These organizations are seeing significant increases in productivity whilst enjoying reductions in operational cost. Most importantly, they are able to attract and retain top talent by delivering a differentiated employee experience through the same digital platforms. Common to all of these organizations is their success in meeting 3 key Digital Transformation challenges…


Creating Agility

Creating Agility

How do you create a culture and IT environment that can respond to changing customers’ needs? How can you rapidly bring new products and services to market through a technology interface to meet those customer needs?

Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Delivering Exceptional Experiences

How do you know that the best possible experience is being constantly delivered to your customers, across any device and from any location? How do you measure the digital customer experience and continually improve this?

Ensuring Security

Ensuring Security

How do you enforce comprehensive security that extends beyond the boundaries of the organization? How can you ensure that customer, business critical applications and sensitive data are protected, without sacrificing business agility?

Ensuring Successful Transformation

Through our many years’ experience working on transformation programmes for large multinational organizations, we have developed our Enterprise Agility Assessment. This assessment maps out the key attributes that we have seen significantly contribute to digital success.

Through a short set of online questions, the assessment will plot your organization across four key pillars of digital maturity. It will provide you with key indicators of your strengths and weaknesses across both your digital strategy and the mechanisms required to deliver against it, identifying areas of focus that will enable you to execute improvements quickly to increase your chances of success.



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Click here to take our comprehensive online Enterprise Agility Assessment and find out how agile your enterprise is.


Becoming digital requires transformation both internally and externally. This involves recognizing the changes in customer interaction preferences and successfully shifting the organization to meet them. This means putting digital at the heart of business and IT strategy, to drive innovation and change across all departments.

To truly become the Agile Enterprise the organization must be digital on the outside, digital on the inside and adopt a digital first strategy.

Digital on the outside

Digital On The Outside

HighPoint enables you to differentiate your business through service delivery that is responsive, personalized and effective. We can help you to engage effectively with your customers, continually developing new and innovative ways to deliver services through a range of digital channels according to differing customer preferences.

Digital on The Inside

Digital On The Inside

We help you to create frictionless commerce through the integration of applications and data to automate business processes. We do this by streamlining information and workflow across the organization to remove duplication of effort. This allows you to gain insight through deep-level analytics of data from every part of your business.

Being Digital First

Being Digital First

We help you to embed digital in every departmental strategy and initiative. This involves defining and measuring the relationship between technology and successful business outcomes. This means you can extend IT competency into every part of the organization to sponsor and drive innovation and change.