Addressing Threat Management


Even with increased spending on cybersecurity it only takes one vulnerability to expose your organization to a critically-damaging attack.

Unlike with other investments, most organizations spend on security without truly evidencing the risk they are mitigating and the return on investment. The challenge is making the right investment appropriate to your risk. Also, more importantly, making these investments in the right place.

HighPoint helps you to understand where the most critical risks are across your business. We show you how to measure these risks in order to invest appropriately in the right areas.

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Cybersecurity MEASUREMENT

No two businesses are the same. Unless you understand your holistic security posture it is difficult to invest in the right areas at the appropriate level.

Cybersecurity Measurement takes into account your security policies and processes. It measures these against best practices to identify gaps and potential areas of weakness.

It then meticulously reviews your technology infrastructure and how this is being protected and managed to reduce cybersecurity threats. It also measures the effectiveness of what you currently have in place.

Finally, it focuses on your people, gauging their security awareness and measuring the risk and exposure from the way they work.


Understanding Your Risk

Understanding Your Risk

How do you truly assess the risk exposure of your organization from cyber threats and potential internal or external breaches? What would be the consequences of a cyber-attack?

Measuring Security Effectiveness

Measuring Security Effectiveness

How effective is your current cybersecurity provision? Where are the greatest areas of exposure and the associated risk? Which vulnerabilities should be your priority to address?

Evaluating People & Process Risk

Evaluating People & Process Risk

How do your security policies align to best practice? How aware are your people of their responsibilities in protecting your environment and how do processes support you in reducing risk?

Managing Risk Through Cybersecurity Measurement

We help organizations measure the risk and effectiveness of their cybersecurity. We then enable them to take the appropriate steps to protect their environment.

By taking a holistic approach to measuring cybersecurity you are able to invest in the right areas at an appropriate level. Thus delivering the most effective reduction in risk.

Cybersecurity Measurement

Cybersecurity ebook

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The Value We Deliver

HighPoint combines deep-rooted experience with a highly methodical approach to measuring cybersecurity. We believe this delivers significant value to our clients in being able to understand, measure and address the cybersecurity risk to their business.

We enable you to take a holistic prospective to cybersecurity. This considers not just the technology components you have in place but also how your processes expose you to risk. We look at the security awareness of your staff to help protect your business.

Visibility of Risk

Visibility of Risk

We provide you with important visibility into the risk your business faces from cyber-attacks. We help you measure this risk so you can take the appropriate level of action to guard against potential breaches.

Informed investment

Informed Investment

We identify areas that pose the greatest risk to your business so you can make informed decisions. We allow you to understand the gaps in your security posture and the measurable return on each investment in securing your organization.

Reduce & Manage Risk

Reduce & Manage Risk

You can take a significant step to reducing and managing the cybersecurity risk by prioritizing your security investment in areas that pose the greatest risk and remediating vulnerabilities that were previously unknown.