Secure Software Defined Infrastructure

Embracing the Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure

We help you to embrace software-defined infrastructure. This will allow us to delpoy a secure, intent-based network across your organization, from core-to-edge.

To create an agile enterprise you need to create an IT infrastructure driven by business needs that can quickly adapt to changing demands. One where operations are automated and intelligence used to continually optimize performance.

We can help you adopt an approach that leverages leading software-defined infrastructure to drive agility in your data center securing access across your environment and intelligently connecting all parts of your organization.

Our Solutions


The Intent-Based Network

We help you to take a paradigm shift in the way you design, deploy and manage your core-to-edge network. We embrace an intent-based approach where business need is centrally defined via policies that are consistently applied across your entire estate.

The configuration of components is automated and continually analyzed and optimized for performance. User access, security and quality of service are centrally managed and defined to ensure the best possible customer experience is delivered across any device or location.

Core Elements of Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure

Our expertise spans across all the elements of the secure, software-defined environment including:


Securing access to your environment by consistently applying policies across your core-to-edge infrastructure. Adapting to the needs of your business and end-users.


Embracing software-defined technology across your data center. This allows you to deliver seamless, hybrid multi-cloud environments with true workload mobility.


Enabling you to manage your inter-site connectivity, intelligently connecting end-users and bringing them closer to the data and applications they need.

Analytics, Telemetry & Visibility

Providing you with unprecedented visibility of your end-to-end infrastructure. At HighPoint we truly understand the how to analyse the experience being delivered to end-users.



Enabling you to define how your infrastructure should perform through intent-based policies and then automating the configuration and optimization of this environment.


Want to Talk Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure?

Whether you are looking to embrace SD-Access, SD-DC or SD-WAN we can help. We can share with you the options available and reflect on how we have helped similar organizations to take an intent-based approach.

Simply provide us with a few details and one of our specialists will get in touch.

The Value Of A Software Defined Infrastructure

By deploying a secure, software-defined infrastructure you can embrace an intent-based approach across your environment, delivering against fundamental needs of an agile enterprise.

Increased Business Agility

The core-to-edge network is responsive to a rapidly changing digital environment. New applications or services can be deployed with speed, providing the business with the flexibility and elasticity it needs.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Time spent designing, configuring and testing your network is reduced. Manual tasks are automated, removing the risk of human error and delivering high levels of service, availability and performance.

Better Compliance & Security

Security is integral across hybrid infrastructure environments, ensuring that centrally-managed policies are enforced consistently, regardless of geographic location and access method.

Why Highpoint

We have been providing Technology Infrastructure Solutions for 25 Years. We are award-winning specialists in network infrastructure, mobility, collaboration, data centers and security. We are a problem-solving company standing on the foundation of our honesty, integrity, and trust. We are driven by customer needs and not profit margins.

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