User Experience Assurance

Delivering The Best Possible End-User Experience

Your workforce is dependent on the business-critical applications that you provide. How these perform has an impact on each person’s productivity.

It is no longer just about uptime and availability; it is about the end-user experience that is being delivered. But how do you measure and monitor this experience when multiple factors can contribute to application performance?

HighPoint helps you gain the visibility needed in application performance and end-user experience, enabling you to define the baseline and to drive continual improvement.

Our Solutions

Delivering The Best Possible End-User Experience

End user experience

To deliver the best possible end-user experience you must first understand all the components and elements that contribute to the end-user experience. This could be application dependencies, the location of data, and of course network connectivity.

We help you to fully define this end-to-end delivery to baseline performance and then help put in place the visibility to monitor this performance and continually drive improvement.

We help you to understand how end-users are utilizing applications, the implications of your UX and how we can empower users to help themselves and to take workload away from IT operations.

Key Elements of End-User Experience Assurance

It is important to recognize that the end-user experience is more than just application performance, latency of your network, or the user interface. It is all of these factors and these all contribute to Experience Assurance.

Robust Compliance & Security

Benchmarking Performance

We provide you with the visibility of the end-to-end performance of the applications you provide employees. This enables you to benchmark this across your people and address potential issues in experience.

User Experience Score

We help you to leverage this benchmark to be able to score individual user experience across your applications before using this to drive change in application delivery, whilst helping optimize application performance.

Shift Left In Service Desk

We help you to identify those issues that are causing workload for your service desk and also look at how we can empower end-users to create a shift-left; reducing pressure while creating an improved end-user experience.


Want to Talk User Experience Assurance?

HighPoint are helping organizations to assess and improve the application experience they are delivering to employees. We would be more than happy to walk you through our approach and what is possible.

Simply provide us with your details and we will have one of our specialists contact you.

The Benefits of User Experience Assurance

By truly understanding the application experience you are delivering to employees you will be able to quickly address issues and create the baseline from which you can drive continuous improvement, delivering significant benefits.

Increased Productivity

Providing your end-users with applications that perform and deliver the experience they need will drive an increase in workforce productivity.

Greater Employee Engagement

Providing your employees with the tools and applications they need to be effective, and for those applications to deliver the best possible experience, will have a positive impact on employee engagement.

Evaluating People & Process Risk

Reduced Staff Pressure

Empowering end-users with the ability to assist themselves, not only improves the experience, it also creates a shift to the left for your service desk, helping relieve the pressure.

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