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Successfully executing any major IT change program requires meticulous management to ensure that every part of the business moves forward simultaneously. It involves creating multiple and dependent workstreams to deliver technology change, a focus on user adoption and ensuring that such change is in line with organizational and commercial business needs.

HighPoint Program Management services combines the latest in advanced technology expertise with many years of experience in successfully delivering complex change to global business-critical technology environments. We ensure that your program remains on track and continues to deliver the desired value to the business.

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Effective Transformation Program

Planning for Success

Effective Transformation Program planning extends far beyond the technology changes that need to take place. Changes need to be made to commercial frameworks to improve the efficiency of IT consumption. Organizational changes, knowledge transfer, re-skilling and process optimization are just some of the workstreams that must be co-ordinated effectively to successfully deliver change.

Each dependency and activity must be planned into the program. They must be tracked to ensure each workstream delivers the planned outcomes. The realization of benefits must be validated and made available to the next set of workstream deliverables, in line with the business case and overall sustainable plan.

The HighPoint Program Management team will help you identify, co-ordinate, plan and track all workstreams and dependencies. We will ensure that real progress is maintained and communicated against the change program vision.

Want to discuss Enterprise Agility Assessment?

Through our experience of many transformation programs with large multi-national organizations we have developed our Enterprise Agility Assessment. This maps out the key attributes that we have seen significantly contribute to digital success.

Through a short set of online questions the assessment will plot your organization across the four key axis of digital maturity. It will provide you with key indicators of your strengths and weaknesses across both your digital strategy and the factors that will enable you to successfully execute this.

Digital transformation delivery

Seamless Delivery

One of the key challenges that organizations face is how to make significant change to IT infrastructure, whilst also ensuring that existing operations continue unaffected. Most IT change programs will enhance many of the core processes within the business. Change must therefore, be carefully implemented to business-critical systems without impact.

HighPoint’s Program Management methodology has been developed, refined and proven over many years. This allows us to deliver highly risk-mitigated change into extremely complex, global environments with zero impact to existing services.

This generates familiarization within the business for making continuous changes without risk to services. It helps you start to build a key characteristic of the Agile Enterprise into the culture of your organization.

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