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ASSESSING Cybersecurity RISK

Organizations worldwide spend hundreds of billions of dollars on protecting their business from ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. However, despite increasing your spend on cybersecurity it only takes one vulnerability to expose your organization to a critically-damaging attack.

The challenge is making the right investment, appropriate to your risks and more importantly, making these investments in the right place. Unlike with other investments most organizations spend on security without truly evidencing the risk they are mitigating and the return on investment.

HighPoint helps you break this cycle. We enable you to understand where the most critical risks are across your organization and help measure these risks to aid investment in the appropriate areas.

Our Solutions

Measuring cybersecurity risks

Holistically Measuring Security Risk

Highpoint takes a holistic approach in measuring cybersecurity risks. We start by taking the time to understand your business and the impact and consequences of a cyberattack or data breach. We then take into account your security policies and processes. We measure these against best practice to identify gaps and potential areas of weakness.

We then meticulously review your technology infrastructure looking at how it is protected and managed to reduce cybersecurity threats. We do this to measure the effectiveness of your current security. Finally, we focus on your people gauging insights on security awareness, whilst measuring the risks from the way they work.

Security Assessment Elements

We can tailor our Cybersecurity Assessment Service to your specific needs, drawing on a comprehensive set of capabilities.

Internet Perimeter

Internet Perimeter

Defining the perimeter of your IT infrastructure and assessing the technologies and processes you have in place to protect this.

Internal Architecture and Vulnerabiitiies

Internal Architecture

We assess your internal IT environment, how it is managed and the potential vulnerabilities that exist.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Utilising our white hat hackers we look to identify and expose both external and internal points of weakness.

Social Engineering

Designed to expose areas of weakness around people and processes by utilizing both remote and on-site social engineering.

Web Application Assessment

Reviews how your web applications have been coded and interoperate in order to identify areas of risk and vulnerability.

CIS Top 18

We interview key stakeholders across your organization to assess and measure your security against 18 critical security controls.

Want to Talk Security?

Are you looking to better understand the risks to your organization from cybersecurity threats? Do you want to measure your effectiveness at defending against these threats? If so, we would love to help.

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Value of A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

As cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated and persistent in their approaches, the threat that is faced by every business will only increase. Organizations need to recognize that they will be attacked, and some of these attacks will result in a breach. Therefore, they need a thorough approach in place to quickly identify, remediate and recover from such breaches.

A Cybersecurity Risk Assessment can help you do this, delivering significant value:

Visibility of risk

Visibility of Risk

We provide you with important visibility into the risks your business faces from cyber-attacks. Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment helps you identify, measure and evaluate these risks in order to be able to promptly take the appropriate level of action.

Informed investment

Informed Investment

We identify areas that pose the greatest risk to your business, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. You can then understand the gaps in your security posture and the measurable return on each investment in securing your organization.

Reduced and Managed Risk

Reduced & Managed Risk

By prioritizing your security investment in those areas that pose the greatest level of risk and remediating vulnerabilities that were previously unknown you take a significant step in reducing and managing your cybersecurity risks.

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