Distributed Digital Edge

Securing The Redefined Network Edge

The move to cloud, combined with hybrid working, has redefined the network perimeter. Our environment now embraces cloud environments that we do not own and end-users connecting from any location utilizing any device.

This has led to a paradigm shift in how organizations secure their environments. They are embracing SASE to secure the network edge and deploying Zero-Trust Networks to ensure that comprehensive security policies are applied consistently across the core-to-edge infrastructure.

HighPoint’s expertise in secure software-defined infrastructure is enabling us to help organizations to embark on their SASE journey and secure their network edge.

Our Solutions

Distributed Digital Edge

Digital access

A distributed digital edge utilizes many attributes to govern access, including user, device, location and moment in time. It then utilizes context, not just based on the centralized policies but also analysis on normal and abnormal activity.

This context can then be applied across the core-to-edge network, creating a zero-trust environment where there is no longer access all areas but each request is contextually analyzed before permitting access.

The same contextual approach is applied to protect your business data, creating awareness of what data is sensitive and preventing unauthorized access or irregular behavior that could indicate a breach.

Elements of a Distributed Digital Edge

The distributed digital edge combines multiple technologies, practices and tools to redefine how you secure your environment including:

SASE Cloud Infrastructure

Providing a secure and context-based infrastructure design that connects end-users to the data and applications they need within the hybrid cloud environment.

Policy-Based Contextual Access

Enabling you to create contextual-based policies for controlling access before applying across all access methods, delivering a consistent, end-user experience.

Reduce & Manage Risk

Zero Trust Network

Extending the contextual-based access inside the network, where protection is not just at the point of network entry but is consistently applied across every network request.

Sensitive Data Management

The ability to define sensitive data across your organization and then to control and manage access to this data against policy and context of end-user requests.


Want to Discuss Distributed Digital Edge?

We are helping customers to embrace SASE and deploy Zero Trust networks to protect both network access and sensitive data. We would love to share our thinking in how we’ve helped similar organizations.

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The Benefits of Distributed Digital Edge

We can help you to change how you are securing your IT environment through embracing SASE and implementing a Zero Trust network all of which deliver significant benefits.

Understanding Your Risk

Reducing Risk

By creating a Zero Trust network and controlling access through contextual application of policy across your core-to-edge network.

Creating Secure Agility

Securing your network by design and making it an integral part of your infrastructure. Scaling and adapting with your environment and supporting rather than restricting agility.

Delivering Consistency

By consistently applying your security policy and managing access of end-users from any location, utilizing any device, delivering a frictionless end-user experience.

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