Next generation operations for an Agile Enterprise

Technology alone does not create the agile enterprise. It also needs a cultural shift in both mindset and your approach to operations. It requires the recognition that past ways of working and organisational structures simply do not support today’s business as well as they need to.

This normally manifests itself in a feeling that the organisation is slow to respond, overly bureaucratic and costly with lots of duplication and out of date processes leading to low levels of motivation and difficulties in attracting and retaining talent.

We refer to this necessary step of transformation as creating the Technology Enabled Operating Model. Whilst the link between this aspect and digital transformation may not be immediately obvious, the ability to rapidly innovate and bring fully formed products and services to market quickly requires a change from centralised functions into multi-disciplinary teams. These teams need all of the capabilities to develop and enhance the products and services they are responsible for and as such, organisational siloes and process barriers need to be removed.


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How IT Ops Delivers Agility For Your Business

IT operations plays a major part in this. A core aspect of digital transformation is to re-define your IT operating models and re-organise and re-skill your teams in preparation for managing the new digital infrastructure. It is this team that tunes the engine of your new digital business model that provides deep business insights to drive continuous innovation and the seamless collaboration that Agile Enterprises rely upon.

The Agile Enterprise IT department recognises that lines of business need to have immediate access to resources to support innovation and the rapid development of new products and services. This agility comes through self-service provisioning, supported by automated orchestration of development, test and production environments according to centrally defined security, geo-location and availability policies directly into the hands of your business units that need them without compromising the security of the business.

Driving Efficiencies in IT Ops

Skills need to evolve not just to enable your team to deploy the new technologies, but to manage them as they are brought into operation and continually optimise these to deliver against the evolving needs of the business.

Traditional approaches to IT operations require change as previously manual tasks are automated and many distinct functions such as network management and security are seamlessly integrated. This requires both a change of mindset and new skills which are difficult to evolve solely in a classroom and are best developed through knowledge transfer and mentoring.

The programmable nature of the Secure, Software-Defined Infrastructure and the virtualisation of network functions allows re-configuration of the environment to be done upon demand. Required changes may be rolled out across entire data centres or campus areas of the global network rapidly and without any disruption to existing services in response to regulatory requirements or to provide additional functionality to users quickly.

Automating IT operations supported by Machine Learning, AI and the power of analytics not only makes this possible, but significantly reduces the risks associated with making these changes by eliminating manual errors and adhering without exception to your defined policies and procedures for the implementation of infrastructure changes.

During operation, every component of your Secure Software-Defined Infrastructure is continuously monitored and correlated with data points and events across the environment to allow automated proactive actions to be taken before any incidents become service-impacting, enabling you to assure the delivery of applications, data and services to your customers. This not only improves the effectiveness of IT operations, but also drives efficiencies.

Enabling Transformation

According to Gartner, traditional IT operations can consume up to 80% of available budget simply in maintaining existing service levels. Through creating agility and the efficiencies of next generation operations, the Agile Enterprise significantly reduces this overhead, enabling more budget to be utilised on innovation and the development of rich customer experiences that can be brought to market ahead of the competition.


How Can HighPoint Help

Our Agile Operations services are designed to enable you to re-imagine IT operations in the new digitally transformed and agile world. HighPoint’s Agile Operations team can help you plan and execute the cultural, organisational and operational change required to establish what we term Next Generation Operations.

We would be more than happy to connect you with our agile operations team who can spend 30-40 minutes with you over a web-meeting to discuss the challenges you foresee and share our experience of establishing Next Generation Operations. You can request this no obligation consultation by simply clicking here clicking here.