Choose the WAF That’s Right for You

Mitigate Risk by Shielding Your Apps from Threats

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Despite the industry’s best efforts to manage risk in the new digital economy, growing attacker sophistication, infrastructure decentralization, and complex interdependencies have made applications a prime target and security fundamentally more difficult.
Today’s multi-cloud environments, third-party integrations, and modern, distributed architectures based on APIs and containers increases complexity, and therefore, risk.
The good news is that there are tools proven to help you protect your business and customers as they transact through your apps by mitigating vulnerability exploits and preventing compromise—specifically, a web application firewall (WAF). But how do you choose the WAF that’s right for you?
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Here are some questions we’ll look at:
  • Do you have public-facing web or mobile apps?
  • Do you have overwhelmed or strained security teams?
  • Do you have compliance obligations?
  • Do you have software stacks that are difficult to upgrade?
  • Do you leverage third-party APIs or ecosystem integrations?
  • Do you maintain legacy and modern web apps?
  • Do you need some breathing room from zero-day exploits?
  • Do you want to streamline policy and testing through CI/CD pipeline integration?