Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) Buying Guide

Unseen Threats Just Got a Lot Less Threatening

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It’s a challenge for organizations to balance usability and security as they strive to delight customers with compelling digital experiences. That balance is possible—and businesses that accomplish it can reduce costs and complexity to gain competitive advantage.
Web App and API Protection (WAAP) can help you preserve business agility and provide secure digital experiences. Adaptive security across clouds and architectures gives you greater freedom to unleash app innovation safely—turning a security cost center into a digital differentiator.


Read this eBook to learn:
  • How changes in application design and deployment have expanded the threat surface—necessitating a paradigm shift in the way businesses deliver security.
  • How a platform that integrates security into app development and consistently deploys policy provides robust defenses while supporting innovation.
  • How F5 WAAP offers universal visibility, consistent enforcement, automated protection, adaptive security, and integration across all apps.