Time To Restart Momentum Within IT Programs

The pandemic has caused far-reaching disruption to both communities and businesses. For IT teams, it has probably seemed like you have been treading water for the past twelve months. Strategic IT transformation programs have been put on the back burner to enable your teams to deal with the immediate challenges of enabling people to work from home and the economic uncertainty has meant that tight IT budgets have gotten even tighter.

As we emerge from restrictions, now is the time for IT Leaders to build back momentum, however, post-pandemic there are a whole set of new challenges being faced, not to mention pre-pandemic challenges that have not gone away.

IT Leaders need to be looking at how they re-align their infrastructure to support a new world of virtual working. Will the traditional office layout of workstations transform into a more flexible workspace of hot desks and drop-in zones? How do you permanently adapt to supporting your workforce who will now spend a large proportion of their time working from home? How do you continue to secure your business in light of the significant growth in the volume, sophistication and persistence of cyber attacks over the past twelve months?

In addition to this, the need to progress digitalisation has not gone away. Now more than ever organisations need to be able to engage with their customers digitally, drive operational efficiency through seamless digital workflows and create an IT environment that is agile and scalable and capable of supporting the agile enterprise.

Introducing Momentum

Momentum is an initiative launched by HighPoint to help IT Leaders address the challenges that they face now; to address the priority issues and build back momentum in the progression of their business-changing IT strategies.

The aim is to connect IT Leaders who all face similar challenges and collectively help each other explore ways to build back momentum; to provide a forum in which subject matter experts can shed light on the technologies available and how these can be aligned to business needs and to foster discussion amongst a peer group that can deliver value to everyone.

The Momentum Program

The Momentum program is free to join; the only thing we ask of you is that you actively participate as the value comes from its members. By joining the program, you gain access to:

  • Thoughts & Ideas

    We will share regular blogs from Subject Matter Experts that focus in on the key issues being faced today and share ‘creative’ ways on how these can be addressed.

  • Round Tables & Briefings

    We will invite you to regular round table discussions and fast-track sessions where you have the ability to share challenges with your peer group and gain ideas.

  • A LinkedIn Networking Group

    You will be invited to participate in a closed LinkedIn Group where members will share challenges, experiences and ideas.

  • Personal Workshop

    We invite all members to have their own personal workshop with the relevant members of the HighPoint team; in this we drill down on your specific challenges and use our experience to help you think about things differently.

Be Part of Momentum

Being part of Momentum is easy; simply visit the webpage and you will be able to enter your details and sign-up for the program. We promise not to bombard you, but only forward you what we believe will be relevant and invite you to our Momentum events.