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Work with HighPoint! We love adding passionate, creative, and talented individuals to our team to better our business. When you work with HighPoint, you’re starting a fulfilling career in the technology solution and service industry. With locations in both the United States and United Kingdom, our company is always expanding, leaving room for new team members who can grow and thrive with us.

Be a Member of Our Team

Our customer-centric approach begins with our highly connected team. Our team members at HighPoint are able to collaborate and strategize on a high level to best meets the needs and goals of our customers. When you work with HighPoint, you’ll be an integral member of our team. We’re passionate about developing employees who are able to utilize their incredible individual skills in a collaborative environment that allows them to better those around them, and improve themselves in turn. We truly believe customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction.

Embody The HighPoint Way

When you work with us, you’ll be the face of the business in some aspects. When our employees interact with the customers, we trust them to fully represent and embody all that we stand for. We are a service company dedicated to the needs of our customers, rather than focusing on the bottom-line and profit margins. Our company was founded on the values of honesty, integrity, and trust, and that’s what we look for in our potential team members. We developed our 33 fundamentals known as The HighPoint Way. When you join us, you’ll understand The HighPoint way, and how it guides every aspect of our business.

Company Culture

We are a forward-thinking and innovative company, and our company culture reflects that. Employees are truly able to flex their strategic and creative muscles to help find the best solutions and provide the best services for our clients. Although we are serious about our business, we still provide a warm and welcoming environment for our talented team to work. Our leadership works hard to make sure you are comfortable and prepared to meet the needs of our clients. By providing our employees with a good work environment, they are able to thrive and grow.

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